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Zoho Motivator icon Encourage your sales team to become more efficient, set targets, organize contests and boost the overall performance with this web-based tool.

Zoho Motivator is a browser-based app that enables companies to manage sales activities, view real-time analytics, compare team members’ performance and find out which behaviors they need to improve. It empowers organizations to set targets, run contests, broadcast current results on any office screen and encourage sales representatives to do their best.

The software collects data from Zoho CRM to display insights on Key Performance Indicators (KPI), such as leads created, deals closed, sales won, and revenue generated. Add new KPI modules and define particular behaviors for each one of them whether you want to measure the average deal size, the percentage of lost sales or the win rate.

In the sales industry, it is not enough to tell your employees what they have to do and present several monthly reports. Besides creating and assigning tasks, you need to set clear targets for individual members and the whole team. Select a KPI to monitor, specify a time interval and choose to receive notifications when the deadline is approaching or at the end of each target cycle.

Use dashboards and charts to see how many deals and leads your team created in the last month, quarter or year. Calculate the win rate, identify the most efficient team members based on revenue generated and measure the sales pipeline velocity to find out how fast opportunities become won deals.

Furthermore, the online solution empowers you to organize internal contests and motivate your sales representatives to accomplish their goals. Display real-time statistics on any office screen that employees see every day at work and let them visualize the results of their efforts to encourage healthy competition.

Bottom Line

Zoho Motivator is a web-based tool that provides the right set of features to help sales teams improve their behaviors and boost their performance. Based on up-to-date insights on their sales activities, employees get to know if they need to make more phone calls or attend more meetings with potential customers to reach specific targets. The app also aims to promote fair competition with internal contests that team members can win if they make more sales or earn higher revenue than their colleagues.

Included in the free version

  • Up to 5 Users
  • Public Dashboards
  • Company Scorecards
  • One Concurrent Contest
  • Standard TV Channels

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Zoho Motivator was reviewed by Radu Bogdan
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